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Caterpillar to add 80 jobs in Sumter

Staff Report
Published March 14, 2012

Building on growing demand for its products, Caterpillar Inc. said today it will expand its manufacturing facility in Sumter, nearly tripling the square footage of the plant.

Sumter HYD Facility
Caterpillar announced it is investing $20 million to expand its Sumter facility approximately 275,000 square feet. (Photo/Provided)
Work on the expansion will begin immediately and is scheduled to be completed by the fourth quarter of 2012. Hiring is expected to begin in the third quarter of 2012. Positions will be posted on the company's recruiting website as they become available.

The facility currently produces small hydraulic cylinders used in a variety of Cat products. The additional capacity will bring the production of large hydraulic cylinders from the company's Joliet, Ill., facility to Sumter. Once the expansion is completed, the Sumter facility will be the primary source for small and large hydraulic cylinders for North and South America. The expansion in Sumter will allow the Joliet facility to focus on increasing production for other components it currently produces.

"This expansion is driven by growing demand for Cat products and will position our operations in both Sumter and Joliet to continue to grow and exceed customer needs as we drive toward Caterpillar's strategy and goals," said Hans Haefeli, Caterpillar vice president with responsibility for the Advanced Components and Systems Division.

The $20 million expansion plan includes an additional 170,000 square feet, bringing the Sumter facility's total footprint to approximately 275,000 square feet once complete. When the expansion is fully operational and at full capacity, it is anticipated Caterpillar will add more than 80 jobs over a two-year period.

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Added: 14 Mar 2012

are these - 80 jobs- to be added at the Sumter Cat. Plant - ??? - to be contract work jobs or will these 80 jobs be added to the Cat. Corp. - payroll directly???? thank you

al douroux

Added: 16 Mar 2012

I hope the Dems don't squash this project; Cat is a big presence in Joliet, IL and as corrupt as that state is, and the overall Dem party, the NLRB may be used to intervene, a la Boeing.

Jim Danforth