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Piedmont Tech upgrades simulation lab

Staff Report
Published Nov. 27, 2012

Piedmont Technology College said it invested in new equipment for a patient-simulation center used to train nursing students.

Upgrades include a new control room sandwiched between two manikins’ rooms. The room allows instructors to control the manikins’ vital signs, breath sounds, voice and other aspects as the students provide nursing care. A one-way glass on both sides of the room allows nursing faculty to observe students as they participate in the simulation without the students seeing and being distracted by their presence.

The control room also has been equipped with a two-way speaker system where the instructor can communicate to the students and role play certain medical situations. Cameras have been mounted on the ceiling above each manikin giving instructors the option to record scenarios and also transmit data to the control room monitor screen. Recordings are then viewed later during the debriefing stages of the class when instructors and students can critique the exercise.