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Proterra announces largest sales order

Staff Report
Published Sept. 10, 2013

Greenville-based Proterra has sold 12 of its battery-powered, zero-emission buses to Foothill Transit in California, which was its first customer in 2011.

Proterra’s last three sales to transit systems have been repeat customers, a company statement said.

In 2011, Pomona, Calif.-based Foothill Transit became the first transit agency in the nation to use on-route charge electric buses by purchasing and operating Proterra’s buses. That followed a Federal Transit Administration demonstration project in 2010 that allowed Foothill Transit to use three of the buses.

StarMetro of Tallahassee recently bought three more buses from Proterra, increasing its fleet to five. The Worcester Regional Transit Authority in Massachusetts doubled its initial three bus order to six.

In 2012, Proterra’s EcoRide BE35 was the first electric transit bus to pass the Federal Transit Administration’s Altoona bus testing. The test simulates 12 years of vehicle life to ensure reliability.

A company statement described the sale to Foothill Transit as the “largest-ever U.S. sale of Altoona-tested, heavy-duty electric buses.” The purchase makes Foothill Transit’s 291 route in California between LaVerne and Pomona completely electric.

“The Foothill Transit order is a clear vote of confidence and confirmation that Proterra buses truly deliver the lowest total cost of ownership and smallest carbon footprint of any transit bus on the market,” said Garrett Mikita, the bus company’s president and CEO.

Foothill Transit executive director, Doran Barnes said the electric buses “have more than delivered on our expectations in terms of cost savings and sustainability. We're looking forward to launching our — and our region's — first all-electric bus line. This is the future of zero-emission buses, and we're proud to be on board.”

Foothill Transit’s 314-bus fleet covers over 300 square miles each year, carrying 14 million passengers.

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