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Duke Energy donates $5M to Clemson energy research

Staff Report
Published Sept. 26, 2013

Duke Energy is contributing $5 million to a Clemson University energy-research program in North Charleston.

The partnership will expand the testing and research capabilities of the Restoration Institute where engineers are constructing a wind turbine drivetrain testing facility.

The partnership, announced Wednesday at the Clinton Global Initiative in New York, will develop new models for generating and distributing electricity. The project will also create learning opportunities and promote economic growth in South Carolina that revolves around energy systems innovation.

Charlotte, N.C.-based Duke Energy’s $5 million contribution will help fund laboratory infrastructure and educational program development and fund a Smart Grid Technology Endowed Chair. Duke Energy employees also will provide the center with ongoing technical expertise and resources.

John Kelly, Clemson University vice president for economic development, said the programmatic component of this initiative is at the core of the partnership.

“This is the perfect example of a U.S corporation and a top public university working together to address a major 21st century issue: the future of the energy distribution system,” Kelly said.

Clark Gillespy, president of Duke Energy-South Carolina, said the goal is to “spearhead

advances in the generation and distribution of power in the 21st century.”

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