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Kiyatec forms two business partnerships

Staff Report
Published Dec. 5, 2011

The Greenville biotech firm Kiyatec has formed two separate partnerships with New Jersey companies to release new products to the medical market.

Kiyatec is a developer of three-dimensional cell cultures used to measure drug toxicity and efficacy before those drugs are used in human clinical trials. An SC Launch-supported company, Kiyatec is the first on-site partner at the Greenville Hospital System’s Institute for Translational Oncology Research innovation zone.

The company joined with Biomerix Corp. of Somerset, N.J., to launch 3DKube- Biomerix 3D Scaffold Preloads, a combination of Kiyatech’s plasticware and scaffold preloads from Biomerix. The new product will allow 3-D cell culture researchers to conveniently access the benefits of actively perfusing their 3-D cell-scaffold constructs without having to make or manipulate scaffolds, the companies said.

Kiyatec also teamed with 3D Biotek of North Brunswick, N.J., to launch 3DKube — 3D Insert Preloads. It is a similar product to that of the one from Kiyatec and Biomerix.

Kiyatec CEO Matt Gevaert is at the 2011 Annual Meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology in Denver this week to discuss the new products. Kiyatec’s exhibitor showcase at the event is sponsored by Sigma Life Sciences, a life science and technology company with $2.3 billion in sales of chemicals and laboratory equipment in 2010.