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Why this company chose Greenville's West End for its $2.5M global headquarters

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Illumin's COO said the vibrancy of the West End made the company's decision to move headquarters to downtown Greenville an easy one. (Photo/Krys Merryman)Greenville has become one of the top-ranked cities in the United States, according to many national publications.

Insurance service provider illumifin is an example of why businesses and manufacturers are aiming to land a space in the Greenville area for their headquarters, especially downtown.

Illumifin, which moved its global headquarters to the West End in April, spent $2.5 million to renovate the downtown office. The insurance service provider employs 200 people locally and 3,000 globally.

As a “true partner to the insurance industry,” illumifin delivers tech-enabled business processing services and essential software solutions to help transform insurers for a digital future.

So, why would this global company want to base its headquarters in Greenville?

Illumifin Chief Operating Officer Holly Olive said, “Our roots are deep, and our connection here in Greenville is as well.”

“If there was ever a place that is considered vibrant and growing, it would be downtown Greenville,” she said in an illuminfin video on Linkedin.

Olive said when the executives walked into their space overlooking Fluor Field at 935 S. Main St., they knew it was their “home.”

“This area, especially close to Fluor Field, it’s alive and electric,” she said.

Illumifin's leadership were expecially attracted to the proximity of Fluor Field, home of the Greenville Drive, which has been one of the key components in the development of the West End. (Photo/Krys Merryman)Illumifin has a partnership with the Greenville Drive, and Olive said when she walks out of the building, she is surrounded by families walking together, ready to enjoy their time at a game or just strolling around the West End.

“It’s really exciting to take our current and future employees, and customers to some of the Drive games and see illuminfin on the board with our logo,” Olive said. “There are more and more people moving into this area, and the heart of the city is moving into the West End. We have a lot of visitors coming into our building to check it out, and that’s one of the great parts about being in downtown Greenville.”

Olive says they compare themselves to the city of Greenville itself.

“We want to be a family and want to know everyone’s name,” she said. “Greenville has that feeling. It has that feeling like we are expanding into something much bigger. That’s exactly how we feel being in the West End of Greenville.”

As one of the largest North American, third-party administrators, illumifin leverages their proprietary software platform to rapidly launch new products, transforming company operations into a cost-efficient, customer-focused digital enterprise, according to their website.

Illumifin specializes in the process of insurance policies, supporting new business and underwriting, policy owner services, claims assessments and administration, for life, health, long-term care and annuity products across individual and group markets. They also offer the North American individual and group life, annuity and health markets a software platform, which has a simplified and streamlined user experience, rich functionality with enhanced configurability, cloud-enabled architecture, and application programming interface connectivity, according to their website.

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