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YMCA to potentially back out of Verdae expansion

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Citing a committee study, the YMCA of Greenville may potentially halt plans to expand inside the Verdae development in Greenville.

The volunteer Growth and Planning Committee for the YMCA of Greenville along with a strategic facility program analysis, have suggested the YMCA not develop a 10-acre tract of land it purchased inside Verdae.

“With Verdae, we have determined that as much as we would like to have a larger presence there, the best option for our organization at this time is to continue to provide services through our existing Verdae YMCA location,” said Scot Baddley, president and CEO of the YMCA of Greenville, in an emailed statement.

Rick Sumerel, president of Verdae Development Inc., the corporation overseeing the development bordered by I-85, Laurens Road and Woodruff Road, said if the YMCA Board of Directors moves ahead with the recommendation not to develop, Verdae Development Inc. will be asked to repurchase the 10-acre tract bought by the YMCA.

According to Greenville County property tax records, the YMCA purchased the 10.7 acres – located on Rocky Slope Road from Hollingsworth Funds Inc. – the parent to Verdae Development Inc. – for $800,000.

“Every piece of property we sell here has a provision with a building site declaration,” Sumerel said. “If that provision is not met, we have the option to buy the property back at what the owner paid for it.”

He said he was surprised when he received word from the YMCA about the recommendation. From there, Verdae Development Inc. informed residents and developers inside the development of the potential change.

The new facility, according to Sumerel, would have included “an aquatic component and outdoor activity fields.”

“If the Y Board comes back and says they are moving forward, we are in a position to buy that property back,” Sumerel said. “We would rather not do that and the Y move forward with building on that property.”

The YMCA of Greenville operates a 6,000 square-foot facility in Legacy Square inside Verdae.

“We look forward to continuing to be a part of the growing, community-centered development at Verdae,” Baddley said.

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