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Clemson trustees approve $1.1 billion budget

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The Clemson University Board of Trustees approved the university’s $1.09 billion budget during their quarterly meetings, according to the university.

The $1.090,752,000 budget for the 2016-17 fiscal year will “support programs, personnel and facilities to enhance safety and security, continue academic quality, ensure compliance and protect the value of ‘the Clemson experience,’” according to Brett Dalton, the university’s vice president for finance and operation, in a press release.

During this year’s legislative session, the House and Senate approved providing Clemson University with $5 million in recurring funding for Education and General operating funds as well as an additional $2.4 million in nonrecurring funding for outdoor laboratory facilities maintenance.

The Clemson Board of Trustees approved a measure to demolish the Clemson House. The residential and office building was built in 1950 and university officials said it had become the most expensive building on campus to maintain. (Photo courtesy of Clemson University)Lawmakers also approved $1.2 million in recurring and $500,000 in nonrecurring funding for agriculture and natural resources programming; $750,000 in recurring funding for animal industry infectious disease prevention; $1.7 million in nonrecurring money for agriculture and natural resources field facilities; and $1 million in nonrecurring funding for the T. Ed Garrison Arena Education/Conference Center.

Gov. Nikki Haley issued a line-item veto (.pdf) on the Garrison Arena Education and Conference Center funding, but House and Senate members overrode the veto, maintaining the funding.

The state’s budget also includes a 3.75% cost of living pay increase for employees as well as a health insurance premium increase which is paid by the state. The 0.5% increase in state employees’ retirement contributions is not paid by the state and was part of the appropriations budget approved by state lawmakers in June.

In addition to approving the budget, trustees also approved a plan to tear down the Clemson House.

The residential and office building was constructed in 1950 and university officials said the building had become “the university’s most expensive housing building to operate.” Officials said there was no cost-effective way to renovate the building.

Trustees also approved the Product Life Cycle Management Center to be located inside the mechanical engineering department beginning in the fall. The new center will “support educational, research and industrial use of software programs that allow companies to integrate software, data management and analytics, and business process to improve product development, manufacturing and marketing,” according to the release.

Additionally, the board approved a resolution to refund Series 2007B and Series 2011B state institution bonds as well as the renewal of a three-year lease for office space at Eagles Landing in Seneca.

The board also agreed to give its history task force implementation committee input on its work to update biographies of university historical figures and historical signs at Tillman Hall. The board agreed to provide its input by the beginning of the fall semester.

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