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GE opens advanced-manufacturing plant in Greenville

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General Electric Co. has opened its Advanced Manufacturing Works facility in Greenville, and company officials said it will create “and improve products by serving as an incubator for the development of advanced-manufacturing processes and rapid prototyping of new parts for GE’s energy businesses: Power, Renewable Energy, Oil and Gas and Energy Connections.”

The new center, which takes up 125,000 square feet of the GE Power manufacturing campus in Greenville, comes just after the company announced the grand opening of its first additive-manufacturing center in Pittsburgh earlier in April.

General Electric Co. opened its first advanced-manufacturing facility at its Greenville campus. The Advanced Manufacturing Works takes up 125,000 square feet in GE Power’s manufacturing campus. (Photo provided)“GE is leading the transformation of manufacturing in the power industry, and this facility will ignite the digital industrial revolution for our company and the industry,” said Steve Bolze, GE Power president and CEO, in a statement. “The opening of the (Advanced Manufacturing Works) is a pivotal moment for us. We’re building a skilled workforce and culture that’s devoted to delivering breakthrough innovations that deliver better, faster outcomes for our customers and unlock new productivity and growth.”

GE said it has invested $73 million in the new Greenville facility and plans to invest an additional $327 million on the entire campus over the next several years. The new facility will include at least 80 new engineering and manufacturing jobs.

According to the company, the new facility will look for “new techniques and production processes” that will “bring best-in-class products to global customers quicker than ever.”

The GE Power campus in Greenville includes 1.7 million square feet of factories, offices and laboratories. The facility employs more than 3,200, and the company said it has invested more than $500 million in the last five years “to bolster critical manufacturing activities housed on the campus.”

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