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Spartanburger Trail highlights local patties

Hospitality and Tourism
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Spartanburg’s baseball team isn’t called the Spartanburgers for nothing.

Locals and visitors can now embark on a meat lovers journey through the Spartanburger Trail, a new campaign created by OneSpartanburg Inc. Passholders will be rewarded with free prizes after checking into two, four or more than five participating burger spots.

“Not only is The Spartanburger Trail a fun play on Spartanburg’s name, it’s a way to highlight some of the staple restaurants in our community,” Naomi Sargent, vice president of strategic communications of OneSpartanburg Inc., said in a news release. “Luckily, Spartanburg has no shortage of great restaurants, and we were able to include traditional community favorites along with newer restaurants putting interesting twists on a classic.”

Two check-ins grant a Spartanburger sticker; four check-ins earn Spartanburger socks. Participants with five or more check-ins are entered to win a Make-Your-Own Spartanburger Gift Basket featuring ingredients and goods from local businesses.

“We’ve been serving burgers to Spartanburgers for a long time, so we’re naturally excited to be included in The Spartanburger Trail,” Steve Duncan, owner of Beacon Drive-In, said in the release. “Spartanburg is home to a lot of diversity when it comes to our dining scene, but as we can attest, something about a good burger just really connects with people.”

Participants can register for free online.

To check in to a restaurant, users need to open their pass at the location and hit “check-in.”

OneSpartanburg Inc. is partnering with Bandwango, a technology company that supports destination experiences for visitors and locals.

Reach Molly Hulsey at 864-720-1223.

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