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Greenville named one of top '52 Places to Go in 2023' in the world

Hospitality and Tourism
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The New York Times has named Greenville among its top travel destinations in the world for 2023. (DepositPhotos)

Word is getting out.

Checks notes.

OK, word has already gotten out. Big time.

The latest accolade for Greenville comes from none other than the New York Times. The publication ranks Greenville No. 14 in its list of top travel destinations for 2023.

Greenville holds its own against some of the most exotic locations across the globe, from London to Auckland, New Zealand.

It’s the second U.S. destination on the list, behind Palm Springs, Calif.

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Greenville isn’t the only South Carolina city on the list. Charleston checks in at No. 32, with the New York Times highlighting the upcoming International African American Museum, which was forced to delay its opening date.

Author Ari Bendersky highlights Greenville’s proximity to the Blue Ridge Mountains for outdoor adventures and its “strollable downtown” (who doesn’t?) along with its “adventurous” food scene (again, who doesn’t?).

Soby’s Southern Cuisine, Mr. Crisp (and executive chef Greg McPhee), Keipi, Aryana and Califas all receive shoutouts in the piece.

Table for one, anyone?

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