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Greenville family restaurant reopens as event space

Hospitality and Tourism
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Greenville's Orchard Park neighborhood sports bar Local Cue has turned its family restaurant side into an event space. (Photo/Provided by Local Cue)A local restaurant, known for its sports bar, has turned its family restaurant side into an event space.

Local Cue’s sport bar, going on its 10th year of business in the Greenville community, opened its family restaurant in 2018.

Local Cue at 30 Orchard Park Drive has gained a lot of traction on its sports bar side, which is open to those who are 21 and up. Owner Leah Vaughan opened the family restaurant side in the space next door that was formerly occupied by a clothing store, to cater to those under 21 and for families.

“Quite a few people didn’t even know the family restaurant existed,” Vaughan said. “There has been a huge demand to hold private events. It’s going to be good for our customers and us to be able to provide a better time for people who need an event space, with a private bar, the ability to stream their music through our speaker system and cast on TVs for slide shows and such.”

The 2,000-square-foot event space holds 80 people and is currently available for bookings, but a small amount of family dining reservations will still be available.

“I love our business and employees, neighborhood and customer base,” said Vaughan. “We truly love what we do and hope that shows in the service we provide.”

Vaughan said as a small business, they try to keep local, and her biggest pride as a small business owner is creating a good livelihood for her people and their families.

“I have 48 employees and appreciate the pride they take in the food and service,” she added. “Over the last 10 years, we have strived to be better and better and don’t anticipate that changing.”

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