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Spartanburg contracts with Greenville firm to pinpoint talent

Human Resources
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A recent study done for the city of Spartanburg shows where specific corporate talent is as well as other market research, according to Emily Wagner, managing director-partner with Webber Kerr Associates, the firm that performed the study.

The city commissioned Webber Kerr to provide information about talent mapping, market research and other factors in hopes of helping the city determine the business climate and understand what kind of talent is in the market.

“We offer a lot of alternatives and different delivery services and one of those things is talent mapping,” Wagner said. “Spartanburg is looking to grow and attract businesses and one of the things involved is letting those potential businesses know where the talent is.”

According to Wagner, the city will use the information to attract certain industries and companies to the area.

“This is just a way to let businesses know what the talent is and where the talent is,” Wagner said. “Knowing that will help those businesses know what they can bring in and what they can hire for.”

Will Rothschild, communications manager for the city of Spartanburg, said the city wants to attract more companies like Milliken, Denny’s and Pure Barre that are headquartered in Spartanburg.

“Spartanburg is gaining national recognition as a home of choice for companies and their employee’s interest,” Rothschild said, in a press release. “Our community has a lot to offer.”

According to Wagner, the specific content of the study is confidential due to the fact that “there is information pertaining to the attraction of specific organizations.” She said, however, the study not only shows the local talent landscape but also highlights “the advantages of a cost-friendly, growing city with a high quality of life.”

“Spartanburg has been doing a lot to grow and bring in new businesses,” Wagner said. “All of this talent mapping provides a case for that.”

Webber Kerr is a retained executive search and leadership consulting firm with offices in Tampa, Fla., New York, London and Greenville.

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