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Kadant Inc. acquires Unaflex LLC for $31 million

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A Massachusetts company has completed its acquisition of an expansion joint manufacturer that has a facility in Anderson.

Kadant Inc. wrapped up the $31 million acquisition of Unaflex LLC on Monday.

Unaflex had its headquarters in Pompano Beach, Fla., before moving the corporate office to the Anderson production facility, according to Wes Martz, vice president of marketing for Kadant Inc.

“We still have some sales and administrative functions in Florida, but the primary manufacturing is in Anderson,” Martz said. “We will continue to keep the operations in Florida running as they are, but our focus is on the manufacturing facility.”

Unaflex’s warehouse in Houston was not purchased and will remain with the previous owner, Martz said.

The 130,000-square-foot Anderson facility, located at 1715 S.C. Highway 29, employs approximately 140 people and manufactures expansion joints and custom-engineered flexible hose for water treatment and power generation facilities, as well as the oil and gas industry.

Kadant Inc. produces equipment used in the manufacturing process for industries such as paper, plastic, textiles and tires.

“Unaflex has a good market position and we did not have a line of expansion joints, so this really works for our fluid handling line.” Martz said.

The Anderson-based subsidiary will be known as Kadant Unaflex.

“There is nothing that has been defined in terms of plans for the future,” Martz said. “Unaflex ran a very good operation, but we will do a full evaluation of things like equipment and practices within the Anderson facility.”

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