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Griplock Systems moving home office to new distribution center in Duncan

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A California company that makes cable suspension systems for lighting and other industries will open a distribution center and move its home office to Duncan, near the S.C. Inland Port. Griplock Systems declined to say how much it is investing in the new center, but the facility will be home to about 35 workers and the company’s president and CEO, Todd Hemingway.

Some of the existing operations will remain in Carpinteria, Calif., according to Beau Pillet, marketing manager for Griplock Systems.

Employees will include warehouse personnel, quality control, purchasing and engineering, Pillet said.

The company said in a news release that a South Carolina facility will enable Griplock Systems to fill orders faster in the eastern part of the country and Canada.

“We have a great number of customers on the East Coast, in the Midwest, and Canada that are going to benefit from this expansion,” Ryan Kwast, vice president of sales and engineering, said in the release. “This increase in our warehouse capacity and personnel allows us to get product out the door much faster and we’re closer to half our customers so delivery time is shorter and costs are lower.”

The company started in 1992, making cable suspension systems for the lighting industry, and has since expanded to produce suspension systems for retail design, art, rigging and heating and air conditioning systems, according to the release.

“With our ever-increasing customer base and high demand in product, we were poised for expansion and it only made sense to expand to the other side of the country to better serve our customers in the eastern part of the United States and Canada,” Hemingway said in the release. “Uninterrupted supply of products, shorter lead time, and lower shipping costs — that’s what our customers will gain from this development.”

The company expects to start shipping out of the new warehouse late this year.

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