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Home sales on the rise in the Upstate

Real Estate - Residential
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Residential sales have increased in most parts of the Upstate. The S.C. Realtors Association August report found home sales in Greenville were up 7.8% in August, 14.3% in Greenwood and 12.3% in Spartanburg. Sales were off 4% in the Western Upstate and down 22% in Cherokee County.

Year-to-date, home sales in Greenville are up 11.9% and 7.6% in Spartanburg over the previous year. Home sales in the western Upstate are up 6.9% year-to-date and up 2.8% in Greenwood, but down 14.9% in Cherokee County.

Median home prices across the Upstate are up year-over-year in August. In Greenville, the median price of a home was $194,000, up 4.6% and up 14.4% in Greenwood to $160,000. In Spartanburg, the median home price was $155,000, up 5.1% in August and up 4.2% in the western Upstate to $172,000.

Year-to-date, home prices were up between 9.7% in the western Upstate to 4.4% in Cherokee County compared to the same time a year ago. Prices have declined 3.1% year-over-year in Greenwood.

“It’s officially the end of summer and the beginning of a new school year. We expect that new listings will slow down a bit,” the association said, in a news release.

Homes in the Upstate spent fewer days on the market, according to the report. In Cherokee County, homes for sale spent an average of 89 days on the market in August, down 35.5%. In Greenville, homes were on the market an average of 46 days in August, down 14.8% and 54 days for the year, a decline of 15.6% year-to-date compared to last year.

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