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9Round expands to India and Argentina

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Greenville-based 9Round, a kickboxing fitness franchise, is expanding to India and Argentina, marking more than 700 franchise locations worldwide. 9Round plans to open 50 locations throughout India and 15 in Argentina over the next five years, according to a news release.

“Many cultures value mental and physical strength, and kickboxing allows individuals to condition both with few required pieces of equipment,” CEO and founder Shannon Hudson said, in the release. “The combination of punching and kicking bags, plus high-intensity cardio workouts, releases all of the tension in the mind and body, while strengthening and toning the entire body.” 

Developed by Hudson, a former International Kickboxing Federation light middleweight kickboxing champion, 9Round workouts last 30 minutes and include an on-site trainer who motivates members through a circuit of nine stations for three minutes each. A boxing bell starts each round.

In 2017, 9Round opened 167 new locations and revenue increased by 46% to more than $16 million, the release said.

“We are excited to introduce our award-winning business model to new people and cultures all over the world,” Hudson said. “We have already inspired over 850 franchise owners to become entrepreneurs and build a business out of passion. We have no plans of stopping and hope to continue sharing 9Round with others as we grow around the world.”

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