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Fifteen Years! In the world of information technology, an eternity!

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In 2002, the world of technology was radically different than today. Steve Jobs was still five years away from inventing the iPhone. Computers were running Windows 98, or Windows 2000. Google was only 3 years old. The United States was living through the aftermath of 9/11, and the economy was quickly deteriorating.    

Amid those uncertain times, INTELLI-NET was started. 

“I had spent nearly 20 years in database and application development, networking, and management.  In the early ‘90s I helped a Fortune-500 company implement a very early email system and corporation-wide financial system,” says Derek Davis, Founder and Managing Partner. 

“I had seen how much a business could leverage technology, but many of my acquaintances were working in smaller companies and struggled with technology. It seemed like a great opportunity to help these companies level the playing field. ‘Outsourcing’ was not a popular term as manufacturing jobs were being lost to overseas competitors,” Davis says. “It was definitely a risk. “

The way INTELLI-NET serves our clients now has changed dramatically over the years, but our focus has never shifted. Along with Erik Rhine, the company brings a Christian-oriented service model to our business clients. The employees here know our foundation, and work to ensure our customers can tell that distinction.  We are acutely aware that Greenville is still a “small town” when it comes to your reputation, and we work extremely hard to guard ours.

In 2017, we are proud of our success. We have forged friendships with our clients, and count some of the most influential and well-respected companies as our partners.

Our office has recently relocated to the “Stone Wall District” of Greenville. That’s the unique two-block area of Laurens Road near Willy Taco. “We have recently doubled the square footage of our office space to accommodate our growth,” says co-owner Erik Rhine .

“We like to keep our team members as involved as possible. We like frequent, impromptu lunches where we can discuss the needs of our clients, plan, and build camaraderie. We frequently stock the refrigerator with refreshing adult beverages, and plan to install a grill at the new office,” says Davis.

What is it like to be an INTELLI-NET Client?

In a word, “Secure.” We know that each time we work with a customer, they are entrusting their company’s knowledge assets to us. Our goal is to eliminate our business customers’ stress regarding technology. We provide globally recognized solutions to our clients, train them how to be safe and secure, and make sure their networks are protected from data loss resulting from any types of breaches or errors.

Our customers are accustomed to that level of service at a fraction of the cost of a traditional IT department, and our services are priced at a flat, affordable fee so there are no surprises at the end of the month. To learn more about INTELLI-NET, call our office at 864-288-1114, or visit us online at

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