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Your donation today helps others tomorrow

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The Blood Connection is proud to serve the needs of car crash victims, cancer patients, premature babies, and others by working to keep a steady supply of blood within our community. Donated blood is a lifeline to a patient fighting for life and we all share a connected responsibility to share life with others, regardless of race or religion. When you donate blood you are . . .

• saving up to 3 lives
• extending someone’s opportunity to create and experience important milestones
• helping maintain your community blood supply

Donating blood is a community responsibility and it is imperative that we maintain a steady stream of regular donors to ensure an adequate blood supply will always be available. The Blood Connection is committed to making the blood donation process safe, easy, and convenient by providing donation centers and mobile blood drives that are readily available and easily accessible.

“Every two seconds someone needs blood and less than 10% of those eligible to donate will actually give blood”

Your donation today ensures life for someone tomorrow. With your help, we can share life, save lives, and make sure this life-saving gift is always available for you, your family, your friends, and anyone who is in need.

The Blood Connection would like to thank the many generous donors and future donors who are committed to the health and life of our community. 

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