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Palmetto Technology Group celebrates 10 years of helping businesses grow through strategic IT

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Reed Wilson founded Palmetto Technology Group in 2007, when he saw that many small- and medium-sized companies were experiencing productivity challenges, security issues, and downtime due to relying on onsite servers and inexperienced employees. These companies weren't big enough to hire a full-time IT staff, but they wanted to grow and IT issues were holding them back.

PTG launched with three members and a vision to help make companies more productive, more secure, and smarter about how they spent their IT dollars. From the beginning, the PTG team decided that their company wouldn't be "business as usual." They committed to three things:

Business People First, Technology People Second

Whether you're talking to sales, services, or the admin team, PTG is focused on serving customers by translating and aligning technology into business value—not simply sticking a bandage on a technology issue or selling customers new products and services. 

Technology Should Work for You, Not Against You

While the PTG team loves to geek out on new technology, they understand that the latest fad may not be the best solution for a client. They listen to each customer's goals and needs before making suggestions, so they can provide the best solution—and get it right the first time.

Fundamental Principles Will Guide Every Action 

PTG's Fundamentals are a written set of principles and practices that every team member knows and lives by. They define who PTG is as a company and how the team interacts with customers, with the ultimate goal of delivering phenomenal experiences. These principles aren't just words in a frame on a wall. Every employee signs off on them before being hired, and they're regularly reviewed as a part of life at PTG.

Exponential Growth Over 10 Years + Awards

Palmetto Technology Group has grown substantially since it launched with not much more than a talented team, a set of ideals, and a vision. It's grown to 22 team members that serve more than 150 customers across the southeast, along with a thriving cloud business serving customers worldwide. PTG now also consults with clients to solve a variety of business challenges related to IT and management, based on the company's experience and successes.

PTG has won numerous awards, including Microsoft Southeast Cloud Partner of the Year 2013, 2015, 2016 and the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce’s SC Best Places to Work.

To learn more about how PTG helps companies create technology plans to reach their goals, visit the website at

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