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Godshall has met Upstate business staffing needs since 1968

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By Julie Godshall Brown, Owner, Godshall

Since 1968 Godshall has built the community through recruitment of talent with a focus on the Upstate of South Carolina. Founded by Wayne and Jessie Godshall, Godshall is now led by second-generation owner Julie Godshall Brown and her husband, Drew Brown. Godshall serves Upstate hiring needs in five major areas: Professional, Finance/Accounting, Healthcare, Information Technology and Technical/Engineering.

Godshall serves their clients and candidates with a strong values-centered approach, earning the trust of the community over 54 years. Finding the perfect fit for both client organizations and employees is core to their business and their team’s commitment to excellence has resulted in many thousands of successful talent placements over the years.

“As a child, I can remember my Dad bringing home a gold ruler to show me,” Julie Brown said. “He explained that he had given this gift to clients to demonstrate the company’s commitment to treat others as he would want to be treated — the Golden Rule.” It was more than a gift, but truly a testimony to what Godshall is as a company, she noted.

Godshall is committed to the community. Across the organization, one will find community leaders who lead the way. From industry association leadership in the sectors Godshall serves to leading organizations including the Chamber, Better Business Bureau, The Salvation Army, Compass of the Carolinas and more, the team gives time and profits to help the community thrive. The Godshall team understands that our success is directly related to the health of the community.  

“It is quite rewarding to see and hear examples regularly where we have changed the trajectory of a career or a company by placing just the right talented individual at the right time,” Julie Brown said. Indeed, nothing makes her happier than to watch the success of others, whether in Godshall’s long-time client organizations or within her own team.

To expand, what can audiences expect from Godshall?

Godhsall commits fully to connecting good workers with good companies. This means they don’t take shortcuts, but dig deep and get to know the companies they serve, as well as the candidates they champion. Most important, Godshall establishes trust and is honest — even when it’s not what someone wants to hear.

Godshall strives to serve others with excellence, and though it’s often said, it’s a rarity these days. They care deeply about those they serve and the relationships they build in the process.  It takes getting to know a customer well to find just the right talent match for both the candidate and employee.


Godshall knows your people are everything; they fuel the success of a company. It’s so important that you not only hire individuals who are competent, but who will also thrive in your culture. To ensure a seamless fit, Godshall makes the effort to understand a company and only recommends potential candidates who will help achieve long-term goals. The companies that work with Godshall know Godshall understands their business, their needs and what is important to them.


Looking for a job is scary and overwhelming. When you know you need to take the next step, where do you start? Will you get lost in the shuffle? It’s Godshall’s promise to each candidate that they can help, that you won’t fail. With in-person interviews, resume reviews, and coaching, Godshall makes sure a candidate stands out and finds the company — and career — that works for them.

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