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Book of Experts: OpSource Staffing’s footprint growing with reputation

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By Bruce Alexander, CSP, Vice President and General Manager, OpSource Staffing

A couple of years ago, I was toying with a tag line for the company’s branding efforts. It went something like, “OpSource Staffing — The best Staffing Company you probably haven’t heard of … Yet.”

AlexanderWell, that tag line is not nearly as applicable today as it may have been back then. OpSource Staffing has made a very good name for itself across South Carolina and western North Carolina during the pandemic. As a result of that good name, OpSource has fared very well through a very difficult business period, one that was especially challenging for staffing organizations.

I can say that I have been through every conceivable labor cycle in my staffing and HR career, but neither I, nor anyone, has ever experienced the circumstances we all faced in the past two years.

Yet, OpSource navigated through the storm and is in a superior position to where we were just prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. In fact, we went on the offensive when many decided to hunker down and ride it out.

I went to my stakeholders and asked them to invest, and there was no convincing required. OpSource majority owner Jesse Sprinkle gave our team funding to upgrade the infrastructure used to deliver the superior service OpSource had already become known for.

Everything was in play. We upgraded our telephones, computers, payroll system, ATS, CRM and advertising budget. Most important, Director of Operations Dagan Rainey and Director of Training and Compliance Tami Mullins had assembled and developed a top-notch operations team to use all the new tooling to better serve our clients. We truly advanced our abilities during the period.

Then, in May 2021, I noticed something extraordinary — our client base was growing at a rate I had never seen before. Our phones and inboxes were filled with inquiries from potential clients. It’s no secret that selling staffing services is extremely difficult, but we were experiencing significant growth without actually selling ourselves with traditional methods.

And many of the calls were referrals from existing clients — which was especially satisfying to us. There is nothing more rewarding in business than to be endorsed by your clients! OpSource’s orders exploded and we have added just shy of 50% more clients in 2021 than we started the year with. It could have been more than that if geographical considerations had been more favorable in some opportunities.

We knew then that expansion had to become a priority for the company to realize more growth. That is why OpSource has plans to open multiple new locations in 2022 and 2023. With operations from North Charleston to Asheville and to Kingsport, Tenn., along the I-26 corridor, OpSource is also looking to expand into North Carolina and Georgia along the I-85 corridor.

Rainey has since been promoted to director of strategic initiatives to help OpSource grow into its full potential, while Mullins takes over as director of operations to continue the tradition of excellent service delivery to all OpSource clients. OpSource has a great story and history, but we feel very strongly that 2022 will be the most significant year in our proud history of embracing Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty and Servant Leadership.

Some may still be unfamiliar with OpSource … but that is rapidly changing.

This content first appeared in the GSA Business Report Book of Experts.

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