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Environmental responsibility and prosperity go hand-in-hand

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By George Maalouf, President/CEO, Rogers & Callcott

and Matt Gibson, Environmental Scientist, Rogers & Callcott

Rogers & Callcott has been contributing to quality-of-life enhancements in our communities for well over 50 years, a history and mission that are at the core of who we are. Our exclusive employee-ownership structure flows from a belief in holistic work, where career satisfaction comes from delivering measurable benefits to our clients — integral members, and often pillars, of the communities where we live — and enhancing the quality of the environment we all share. Providing seamless, cost-effective solutions that advance our clients’ Corporate Environmental Responsibilities ultimately comes full-circle to benefit us in tangible ways a paycheck simply cannot touch: economically thriving businesses and communities, responsible land use, safe work environments and clean air, soil, and water.

Diverse Expertise, Aligned Service Areas:  Seamless Projects

As Rogers & Callcott’s engineers, geologists and scientists, our core competencies focus on providing reliable data and efficient solutions in key areas:  civil and environmental engineering; environmental due diligence, assessment and remediation; EHS (environment, health, safety) and air quality compliance and training; and environmental laboratory testing.

We actively partner with clients to help them maintain regulatory compliance and project goals. If detected data fall short of regulatory standards or issues arise that conflict with project plans, we are working on the case proactively with our client toward a solution. Our engineering projects include conveyance and treatment of drinking water, wastewater and storm water; site development; and road improvements. As the premier laboratory in the area, our scientists use state-of-the-art technology and methods and follow rigorous certification requirements to determine the quality of soil, water and wastes precisely and accurately. Our EHS professionals ensure regulatory compliance and safe, healthy work habits and environments. Our assessment and remediation team monitors and remedies environmental media at waste disposal and manufacturing sites and provides critical due-diligence information to real estate buyers and developers, including property history, environmental impairments and wetland boundaries.  

It’s all part of our history and mission to promote professional gratification and improve the communities that connect us to each other.

This content originally appeared in the GSA Business Report Book of Experts.

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