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Engenius moves to Greenville’s West End

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Chris Manley can’t stop raving about his new office view.

Of course, his view, and that of his staff at Engenius, is one that many could be envious of. That view recently changed as Manley and staff moved from their previous location at 101 E. Camperdown Way to Greenville’s West End at 24 Vardry.

The view from Engenius’ new office at 24 Vardry includes Fluor Field, Greenville High School, downtown Greenville and the mountains. (Photo provided)“The view is incredible - overlooking Fluor Field with Greenville's ever-growing skyline as a backdrop, made complete with the mountains in the distance,” said Manley, the founder and CEO of Engenius – a company specializing in developing websites for businesses. “It's almost surreal to watch summer afternoon thunderstorms roll through town. What could be better than a constantly changing work of art to have out our window as we creatively develop campaigns for our clients?”

Manley said the decision to move to the West End was an easy one to make. Specifically because of the growth in his office – starting with three in 2012 and now expanding to 11 with plans for further staff expansion. Their previous location was 1,400-square-feet and, Manley said, when the company started to grow, they began to outgrow their original location.

Manley said another reason for the move was to change the work environment at Engenius. He said the plan was to create a work environment of more openness. He said the company has adopted the core value of “Be Open” and the work space needed to reflect that. And, there were no thoughts of moving anywhere else but downtown Greenville.

“We love downtown: the walkability, world class eateries and vibrant activity. As for the West End specifically, we like the creative feel the West End of downtown offers,” Manley said. “The view overlooking the rest of downtown and Paris Mountain in the background doesn't hurt, either.”

The growth of Engenius can be tracked to the development of sales and marketing systems as well as Manley’s confidence that digital marketing will continue to evolve and grow in the future. He said a recent study showed that, over the next 10 years, large companies will spend 80% of their overall marketing budgets on digital.

He said the “precision and measurement we can use as we market our clients digitally is unprecedented.”

“We are continuing to invest in growing our capabilities to serve our clients well, even as our client base continues to grow,” Manley said.

But, finding the space on Vardry wasn’t easy as Manley had three things he was looking for in an office space: natural light, a view and an open office layout. He said the location on Vardry fit the bill for all three.

“A challenge we found in identifying appropriate offices is the ability to spread out in an open layout combined with wall-to-wall windows,” Manley said. “Many offices are still set-up in an individual office or cubical format. That set-up doesn't fit our culture, nor does it promote the work environment that works best for our productivity.”

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