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Greenville Revitalization Corp. launches new website

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The Greenville Revitalization Corp. has launched a new website to provide information on the corporation, its current projects and its latest joint venture with the Greenville County Redevelopment Authority.

“Our new website is much more informative and user friendly than our previous site. It showcases all of our current projects and offers the world information regarding our efforts to revitalize the Textile Crescent of Greenville County, in particular the Poinsett Highway Corridor,” said Greenville Revitalization Corp. board chairman Wil Brasington, in a news release. “We are going to make the development of this property a catalyst for future growth along Poinsett Highway.”

The joint venture with the Greenville County Redevelopment Authority is the Forge Project, located on Poinsett Highway. The “shovel-ready, 4.4-acre site is surrounded by an available job force – many of them searching for work and occupational training,” according to the new website.

“With the help of our many community partners, GRC has been able to begin the revitalization of the Textile Crescent.  Redesigning our website gives us an opportunity to show what has been done to promote economic growth in that area and what can be done in the future to continue to breath economic life back into this once vital part of Greenville’s economy,” said Doug Dent, Greenville Revitalization Corp. CEO, in the release. “Development of a signature project on the Forge Site will show what the Poinsett Corridor can become.  If we are successful, this project will make Poinsett Highway a destination and provide jobs for those still living in the area after the Textile industry left.”  

Dent said a recent market study of the Poinsett Corridor procured by the Greenville Revitalization Corp. and funded by Hollingsworth Funds, coupled with U.S. Census data, shows that while Greenville County is prospering, the Textile Crescent area is lagging.

“Our new website will shine a light on the opportunities that exist in this historic part of our county,” he said. “The fantastic growth of the city of Greenville will begin slowing down soon and we believe the Textile Crescent could be the next growth area for the county.”

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