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ReWa opens new facilities for lab work

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Renewable Water Resources, branded as ReWa, dedicated new $15.5 million lab facilities this month on the grounds where construction of its original facility began in 1925. What was then known as the “sewage works” now has not just a prettier name, but also a laboratory built to deliver a clean and fresh image for the organization responsible for turning 40 million gallons of wastewater into water pure enough to return to the environment.

CEO Graham W. Rich said ReWa employees are the unsung heroes behind maintaining the quality of life that makes the Greenville area successful.

“I truly believe that quality of life begins with Rewa and what we do,” he said. “When you look at the things that have made Greenville and the surrounding areas so nice, it’s our environment. The areas that we like to walk in, the areas that we like to recreate in, all of those things go into the Upstate, which is truly a special place to everybody.”

ReWa manages wastewater in an area from the northern edge of Greenville County that encompasses the watersheds of the Saluda, Enoree and Reedy rivers, crossing into Spartanburg, Anderson and Laurens counties.

The new lab facilities are built in a park-like environment and include public spaces, a meeting room and educational displays and materials.

“We encourage people to utilize our facilities,” Rich said. “We want to be able to share this wonderful place with our community.”

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