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Siemens Healthineers and Prisma Health join forces

Ross Norton //June 23, 2021//

Siemens Healthineers and Prisma Health join forces

Ross Norton //June 23, 2021//

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The largest health care system in the state and a global giant in manufacturing and technology are teaming up for a 10-year strategic relationship they say will bring better health to the state and help develop a more highly skilled workforce.

Prisma Health President and CEO Mark O’Halla and David Pacitti, president and head of the Americas for Siemens Healthineers, made the announcement Tuesday but said they’ve already been working on the collaboration for several weeks.

Calling it a value partnership, they said it would focus on healthcare innovation, workforce development, and improving health care for patients and communities served by Prisma Health.

Siemens Healthineers and Prisma Health will deploy the latest generation of medical technology at all Prisma Health sites, collaborate to improve the delivery of clinical services, and form an Intelligence Insights Center with the goal of advancing health care.

“We are excited to announce this innovative, long-term relationship to enhance quality and create even more value for our patients as well as support our excellent team members and physicians in providing the best patient care and service possible,” O’Halla said in a statement released after the announcement. “Working together brings breakthrough opportunities to enhance clinical care through the latest medical technology, streamlining our processes, and bringing new advances in disease prevention, early diagnosis and treatment. This is especially important as we transition more and more toward value-based health care, where a health company such as Prisma Health will partner more closely with our community members to help them stay healthy, as opposed to caring for patients only when they are sick.”

The Intelligence Insights Center is designed to enable Prisma Health to leverage de-identified patient data via computerized algorithms, also known as artificial intelligence, to enable physicians to make more informed clinical decisions, ultimately allowing for faster and more precise diagnoses and treatment plans as well as to help predict or prevent disease.

A second initiative will evaluate the potential of computer-aided workflow tools to increase best practices of care and reduce time-consuming operational tasks, allowing providers to spend more time in patient interactions, the news release said. Both the center’s work and the new technologies will enable Prisma Health team members to increase their skills in an increasingly digitally sophisticated world.

“By joining forces, Siemens Healthineers and Prisma Health will now have the ability to expand and enhance the quality of health care available to the community,” Pacitti said in the release. “This long-term value partnership with Prisma Health is our company’s largest in the United States and represents the collective power of our two organizations and our shared vision of improving patient care.”