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How technology is driving this Greenville logistics company’s growth

Krys Merryman //May 30, 2023//

How technology is driving this Greenville logistics company’s growth

Krys Merryman //May 30, 2023//

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Technology, like GPS tracking, has played a big role in the growth of Logisticus, a Greenville-based logistics company. (Photo/Provided)

GPS tracking. QR tagging.

These are just a few of the technology-related supply chain solutions being implemented by Logisticus Group. The next-gen tech initiatives are a big reason why the Greenville-based logistics company is growing fast and attracting big-time clients.

For Logisticus Group, which was founded in 2012, its passion for the logistics and technology industry is about building relationships while offering custom-tailored solutions to each of their clients.

The privately owned company that specializes in transportation logistics, civil engineering, project management and technology, has worked with many customers, primarily in the power generation industry, but more recently, it has focused on expanding into other markets.

Some new tech solutions Logisticus is working on include asset tracking and QR code tagging and tracking.

“The concept is simple, ‘where is my stuff?’ but when you are working with customers whose ‘stuff’ is thousands of dollars, understanding where its located is of upmost importance,” said Conner Klein, Logisticus director of technology.

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Logisticus’ Asset Tracking GPS is a unit that sends its location once a day. It’s a weatherproof magnetic unit that they stick on assets accompanied with their customers’ business rules to provide a customized portal on where their “stuff” is and some metrics around it, he said. Secondly, their QR Code tagging system is a product that has created some buzz for them.

“QR Codes are everywhere now, from restaurants to grocery stores,” Klein said. “We utilize them to tag assets and track employee compliance. The concept is the same with the GPS units, the QR Code will use your device’s location, whether it be a smartphone or tablet and allow you to geo-tag your location, of course with Meta-Data tied to it.”

Some of its notable clients include General Electric, Nordex, and Vestas — to name a few, said Klein.

For Logisticus, which was founded in 2012, its passion for the logistics and technology industry is about building relationships while offering custom-tailored solutions to each of its clients.

In 2017, Logisticus was certified as a Minority Business Enterprise by the Carolinas-Virginia Minority Supplier Development Council, an affiliate of NMSDC.

It was five partners that created the company to fill a service gap in the logistics industry. Each of them brings a unique perspective and knowledge of the sector.

Klein, who has been with Logisticus Technology Solutions for two years and Logisticus Group for nearly five years, said what sets them apart from others in the industry is their understanding and first-hand knowledge of how their products can operate the most efficiently in the field.

For the past 10 years, Logisticus has worked alongside its sister-company, Logisticus Projects Group, and provided technology solutions, which has allowed more time spent in the field utilizing products, as well as receiving feedback on how to improve them.

“Other than that — it’s our people,” Klein added. “Each member of our team takes pride in their work. Being a small company, you have to ‘wear many hats,’ and each team member does that without a drop in performance every day. The commitment from everyone on the team allows us to provide ‘More Visibility, Less Risk.’”

Some past processes of Klein’s department at Logisticus include getting boots on the ground for any project it works on, he said. Having first-hand experience of an operation or current process makes understanding pain points of its customers easier to understand.

“They allow you to put yourself in their shoes so you can provide a more custom-tailored solution,” said Klein.

An example of the equipment Logisticus is tracking is wind turbine equipment, which is used in the transport and construction of turbines across the country, said Klein. Their tracking and visibility of these components allows for a more efficient operation and for their customers to have real-time visibility to their components.

Another example of tech solutions Logisiticus provides includes license plate reading cameras, in which they have placed across the country for various projects among different types of industries, he added.

“Some of our customers utilize these to track inventory of trucks in and out of their yards,” said Klein. “Other customers use them for general traffic monitoring in townships and project sites. Our ability to customize a system and solution around a customer's business rules allows us to provide a superior and tailored solution.”

When asked what Klein is most passionate about when it comes to the tech solutions industry is building relationships.

“I enjoy building bonds with every member of my team and company as a whole,” he said. “The stronger the relationships of the company the better and more efficiently we will work together as a whole. When people care about one another they will work harder to help each other succeed. At Logisticus, we have a family environment, which I believe has had a direct impact on us being named a Top 25 Fastest Growing Company in SC for the last few years.”

As for the future of Logisticus, Klein said he hopes for continued growth.

“We have consistently been honored as a Top 25 Fastest growing company in South Carolina, and we hope to continue that,” he said.