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National ham company eyeing South Carolina for expansion

Krys Merryman //June 29, 2023//

National ham company eyeing South Carolina for expansion

Krys Merryman //June 29, 2023//

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This year alone, HoneyBaked Ham will be opening eight stores, including one in Surfside that should be open in August. (Photo/Provided)

What sparked Scott Temme’s passion for The Honey Baked Ham Co. was a family tradition.

Temme remembers sitting around the table during holidays with his grandmother growing up, going to their local HoneyBaked Ham store in St. Louis — a tradition that has been passed down through the generations, all the way down to his college-aged daughter.

“For family gatherings and the holidays, there wasn’t one without a HoneyBaked Ham,” said Temme, who is now the HoneyBaked Ham franchise sales development manager. “Now I get to provide the same memorable experiences I had growing up and extend them to our immediate family and my daughter, who has a HoneyBaked Ham at the center of her table for Friendsgivings. It’s amazing how many times I hear a different variation of this same story.”

It's because of these traditions, Temme said, that leads franchisees to the entry point of owning a HoneyBaked Ham store and what fuels his passion for helping people who have dreams of owning a business do just that.

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The Honey Baked Ham Co. was founded in 1957 by Harry J. Hoenselaar in Detroit from a love for great food and a dedication to family traditions. Today, the brand takes an innovative approach to retail with its well-known hams, lunch items, retail products and more. Aligning with this model fit for a more modern retail and dining experience, HoneyBaked Ham is looking to add more stores to its nationwide footprint.

Hoenselaar’s children were the ones who developed the brand’s broader recognition by growing its presence in their spheres of influence over the decades. The Honey Baked Ham Co. continues to be a family-owned business and serve customers online and at more than 400 year-round retail locations in 40 states across the United States.

As a first step in this growth, the brand is eyeing South Carolina for its next locations.

Currently, there are 15 stores in South Carolina, and the company feels there is room for growth in the state because of its already strong brand presence that has done well here, said Temme.

“It’s a really good time to grow as we have re-emerged from the pandemic,” he added. “We are now pushing the gas pedal and plan to have more than 70 stores added over the next six years. My role is to promote and recruit franchisees within the HoneyBaked Ham community, providing opportunities for franchise owners.”

Temme said if someone is thinking about owning a store and creating their own business, he welcomes candidates that feel a franchise would be a good investment in their community to reach out for more information via the company’s website on how to get started.

With the addition of more stores, there will be job creations, especially during the holiday seasons.

“Leveraging the brand and bringing one to a community where there isn’t a HoneyBaked Ham will have a long-term economic benefit,” said Temme. “Our mission is to double in size over the next six years, with new store creations and revenue goals. I am excited about where the brand is going.”

This year alone, HoneyBaked Ham will be opening eight stores, including one in Surfside that should be open in August by a father-son partnership, Temme said. This will be their third franchised store, he added, and there will be more to come in South Carolina.

The company is also rebranding and remodeling all existing stores on a scheduled basis, said Temme. They will have a fresh, new look and feel from the signage to the interiors, which will be outfitted with a more modern design over the next five-to-six years.

“HoneyBaked Ham is at the center of the table when meals matter, and that’s at the heart of what we do,” Temme said. “Connecting families with each store opening, inviting memories back with each experience. Our mission is also to make meals memorable.”