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New movement, wellness studio opens in Greenville

Krys Merryman //October 17, 2023//

New movement, wellness studio opens in Greenville

Krys Merryman //October 17, 2023//

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A new-to-Greenville wellness business is officially open in Greenville.

Musou Movement has opened at 1431 Laurens Road in Greenville. (Photo/Provided)Musou Movement is a studio that offers multiple movement practices under one roof.  Classes offered are martial arts striking, yoga and meditation, breathwork, and functional movement circuit training. The studio also has saunas and a cold plunge. Members have access to open gym hours.

The goal is to cure muscle imbalances, aim for symmetry and create healthy lifestyles.

Movement has been a key foundation in founder Sean Russel Herman’s life to maintain mental and physical health.

“I credit my consistency to always keeping it fun and enjoyable,” he said. “I am constantly learning new things, which keeps me engaged mentally. When your body is healthy, and working correctly, it changes your moods, your thoughts, and how you integrate into your local community. This can have a huge positive impact on your family, friends and the environment around you. I want to help spread self-awareness, respect and confidence.”

Located on 1431 Laurens Road, the studio is open every day with classes offered in the mornings and evenings.

The studio on Laurens Road is the only location now, but Herman said he plans on spreading this type of community to other areas.