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Greenville set to become a Sprint smart city

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Sprint announced Greenville as the “World’s First Smart City with Curiosity” during CES 2019, a consumer electronics show going on now in Las Vegas.

The city of Greenville will work with Sprint on the installation of massive MIMO technology and dedicated “internet of things” network technology across the city, according to a news release. MIMO stands for massive input massive output, according to Sprint, and is all about antennas, radios and spectrum working together to provide speed, capacity and other benefits businesses are looking for “in the coming 5G world.”

"Cities used to invest in roads, rails and airports. The infrastructure of the future to attract investment is digital," said Greenville Mayor Knox White, in the release. "Sprint's Curiosity IoT with mobile 5G is readying cities to attract the business of the future."

Concepts will be a reality with 5G network and micropositioning technology enabling connected vehicles, autonomous drones and other smart machines to operate, navigate and react in real time, in a dedicated area of the city, the release said, with the plan to attract digital start-ups and research and development in autonomous, AI and robotics.

"Greenville government officials and staff are placing their trust in Sprint to power what will be one of the most forward-thinking smart city ecosystems on the planet, leveraging the power of Sprint mobile 5G and Curiosity IoT networks to bring smart city use cases to life," said Ivo Rook, senior vice president, “internet of things” and product development at Sprint, in the release. "We are proud to be supporting the fourth fastest growing city in the country to develop the infrastructure of the future."

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January 30, 2019

Hope everyone in Greenville has health insurance to maybe live a little longer once their cells start getting fried by the frequency this "technology" emits.

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