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The YoPro Know starts online Masterclass on attracting and retaining young talent

GSA Biz Wire //November 1, 2023//

The YoPro Know starts online Masterclass on attracting and retaining young talent

GSA Biz Wire //November 1, 2023//

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GREENVILLE, S.C. – How prepared is your company for 2025, when GenZ and Millennials will make up more than half of the American workforce?

If the answer ranges from not at all to barely, then The YoPro Know has a solution for you. It is offering its first online Masterclass, Attracting & Retaining Young Professional Talent in a Digital World, aimed at helping business owners, hiring managers, human resources, marketing teams and other C-Suite leaders to learn the best talent retention and recruitment tactics aimed at the younger members of the workforce.

The four-part online program focuses on how to better recruit, retain, and strategically develop them as they grow into the future leaders of your workforce will have lasting impacts on your business from financials to productivity, said Kamber Parker, founder of The YoPro Know. Each session lasts between 10 and 15 minutes. Register here:

The YoPro Know is an innovative consulting group that is changing the way businesses engage with young professionals. It draws on its exclusive content and knowledge base to help business leaders better attract young professionals using digital branding and culture. The YoPro Know also hosts a podcast called The Great Retention.

Earlier in 2023, The YoPro Know released The State of Young Professionals Today, a groundbreaking look into how employees under age 39 perceive, internalize, share, and relate in a work environment often defined by people generations older than them. The report was created after thousands of interviews with young professionals in more than 65 white-collar and blue-collar industries.

“Our services have been crafted through thousands of interviews with young professionals in various industries across the country over the past five years,” Parker said. “The future of your workforce begins with recruiting, retaining and developing YoPros. We can help you build and be that bridge.”

About The YoPro Know:

The YoPro Know’s mission is to help businesses develop the future leaders of our workforce through research, education, and recruiting and retention consulting. Based in Greenville, S.C. with a national community, The YoPro Know promotes success in the workplace by being a bridge between ambitious young professionals and progressive businesses, who want to recruit, engage and retain them. Learn more at