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Banker Exchange Highlights Female Empowerment & Achievement During Women’s History Month

GSA Biz Wire //March 5, 2024//

Banker Exchange Highlights Female Empowerment & Achievement During Women’s History Month

GSA Biz Wire //March 5, 2024//

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As the world celebrates Women’s History Month, Banker Exchange, a pioneering firm in 1031 tax-deferred exchanges, takes the opportunity to announce and celebrate its recent recognitions: the SCBiz Empowering Women Award and the prestigious 2024 GSA Women of Influence Award received by its President, Shonna Felkel.

The SCBiz Empowering Women Award recognizes organizations in South Carolina that have demonstrated a significant commitment to supporting and elevating women in the workplace and the community. This honor underscores Banker Exchange’s dedication to creating an environment that nurtures the professional growth and leadership of women.

In parallel, the GSA Women of Influence Award acknowledges 25 exceptional women who have made substantial contributions to making the Upstate a vibrant place to work and live. Shonna Felkel’s selection as one of the honorees is a testament to her unwavering passion, leadership, and commitment to community causes, alongside her remarkable contributions to the real estate industry.

“Women’s History Month offers a poignant moment to reflect on our collective strides towards female empowerment and leadership,” said Shonna Felkel, President. “At Banker Exchange, we’re honored by the recognitions of the SCBiz Empowering Women Award and my GSA Women of Influence Award. These accolades are a testament to our team’s dedication to fostering a culture that celebrates and supports the achievements of women, reinforcing our commitment to this important cause.”

Banker Exchange’s announcement aligns with the spirit of Women’s History Month, highlighting the firm’s and Felkel’s impactful roles in advancing the status of women in both professional arenas and community engagements.

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