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Carolina tech firms collaborate on IoT manufacturing program

Molly Hulsey //September 17, 2021//

Carolina tech firms collaborate on IoT manufacturing program

Molly Hulsey //September 17, 2021//

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Zipit was honored with the Strategic IoT Product Award at the AT&T Partner Exchange 2017. (Photo/Provided)Two Greenville tech firms are helping Cary, N.C., design engineering company Connected Development launch a new Internet of Things platform created to help manufacturers accelerate their production time.

Kopis, a cloud-based IoT solutions firm, and Zipit, a cellular connectivity and subscription platform, aided the North Carolina company in the development of pre-tested hardware and software building blocks used by the program to help users prototype their application and monitor as it transitions into volume manufacturing.

“The IoT Reference Platform isn’t just another development starter kit,” Frank Greer, CEO and co-founder at Zipit, said in the release. “We’ve brought together three experienced powerhouses in IoT to eliminate the obstacles that prevent developers from delivering solutions that are market ready. The Zipit team is proud to offer our cellular connectivity and subscription services to provide for a seamless deployment.”

The customizable design platform includes integrated security features and extensive cellular connectivity for applications like industrial IoT, asset tracking, sensor monitoring and reporting, remote asset control, motion detection and reporting, and battery-operated IoT devices, according to the release.

“With an engineering team averaging 25 years of experience in the industry, we understand the pain points of IoT product development,” Gregor Bleimann, vice president and general manager of Connected Development, said in a news release. “We created the blueprints, initiated the testing and integrated the leading software to help developers take off on the ground running.”

The IoT Reference Platform is available now and can be customized to meet the form factor, and sensor needs of various applications, the release said. 

“The Kopis IoT platform has been strategically designed to streamline and automate common IoT processes,” Andrew Kurtz, president and CEO at Kopis, said in the release. “We are pleased to partner with industry leaders like Connected Development and Zipit to broaden the possibilities of our offering and allow developers to focus their time on what matters most — their application.”