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Upstate International Language Classes

Community Event

Upstate International Language Classes

January 30,2023

9 S Memminger St. Greenville SC, 29601


Want to learn a new language or improve your foreign language skills? Upstate International is offering language learning classes for the Spring 2023 semester!

The classes are affordable, accessible, and fun for all levels, beginning the week of January 30th and lasting until May 6th. Regular and Intensive classes are offered, with Regular classes meeting once a week for 75 minutes and Intensive classes meeting twice a week for 90 minutes per class.

All students must be members of Upstate International (only $75 per year including many other benefits). Class Fees are $150 for Regular classes and $450 for Intensive classes.

Classes are kept small to ensure a learning experience. Enroll TODAY to save your spot by checking this link:

Languages offered: French, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Danish, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, and English- please check this link:
for available classes.

When: Jan 30th week to the week of May 6th.
Cost: Regular classes- $150
1hr 15 min per week
Intensive classes- $450
3hr per week
*All students must be UI members – only $75 per year including many other benefits! *
Where: UI Center (9 S Memminger St, Greenville, SC, 29601)


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