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Denny’s goes virtual

Molly Hulsey //January 12, 2022//

Denny’s goes virtual

Molly Hulsey //January 12, 2022//

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The word “ghost kitchen” may have first been published in 2015, according to Merriam Webster, but it made its way into most vocabularies in 2020.

Now, Spartanburg franchise giant Denny’s Corp. is following in the footsteps of Wendy’s and others through a partnership with the virtual restaurant and logistics operator Reef.

The move will open delivery options for the chain, sourced from virtual kitchens in dense urban areas. The company is coordinating with Reef on the launch of initial test market locations.

“As the first family dining brand to partner with Reef, we are excited to see how Denny’s can serve more guests through Reef’s convenient and scalable delivery solutions,” Denny’s CEO John Miller said in a news release. “We have successfully extended the reach of the Denny’s brand through online and delivery channels using our existing network of restaurants, and we look forward to reaching even more guests with Reef, particularly in key under-penetrated metropolitan markets with high consumer demand for delivery.”

Denny’s will offer signature menu items, including the Grand Slamwich, Moons Over My Hammy, double berry banana pancakes and apple crisp.

“Denny’s is a legendary casual dining brand that has remained culturally resonate for over 60 years,” Kenneth Rourke, executive vice president and head of enterprise brands for Reef, said in the release. “Through our partnership, we are excited to continue spreading Denny’s signature menu through our innovative delivery model while offering a wider array of breakfast items and American favorites to our customers.”

Reef has more than 8,000 locations with a team of more than 18,000 people. According to the company, Wendy’s has launched plans to open 700 ghost kitchens by 2025 through its partnership with the virtual kitchen startup.