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Greenville calls meeting to discuss stay-at-home order after Spartanburg vote

Staff Report //April 2, 2020//

Greenville calls meeting to discuss stay-at-home order after Spartanburg vote

Staff Report //April 2, 2020//

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Hours after the city of Spartanburg passed a stay-at-home ordinance, the city of Greenville scheduled an emergency meeting to urge the governor to issue a statewide order.

The virtual meeting is scheduled for 10 a.m. Friday and the agenda includes city-wide social distancing measures (.pdf), some punishable by a fine not to exceed $100.

“In order to protect, preserve and promote the general health, safety and welfare and the peace and order of the community, the City Council deems it absolutely critical for Gov. Henry D. McMaster to issue an order requiring the all persons within the state of South Carolina to stay at home for a minimum period of 14 days, unless providing or requiring an essential service, or such other period as may be determined to be appropriate by the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control, as a necessary and immediate step to try and protect the population of the state of South Carolina from a continued and increased risk of exposure,” the ordinance said.

Businesses within city limits will be required to designate six-foot spacing requirements using signage or tape within the store, make sanitizing products readily available, enact separate hours for seniors or other vulnerable customers, provide alternative means for purchase such as online or curbside ordering if already feasible and install protective barriers at check-out counters, according to the ordinance. Employees also will be allowed to wear protective masks and gloves.

If these requirements create “undue hardship” for the business, they will be exempt from enacting these measures, according to the agenda.

City residents will be instructed to stay at home unless working at or conducting “essential business” under the governor’s executive order or participating in outdoor recreation. The ordinance also urges residents to stay six feet away from others, among other sanitary measures.

The city of Spartanburg’s ordinance (.pdf) reiterates McMaster’s previous executive orders and encourages residents to stay at home if not obtaining necessities, providing essential services or engaging in no-contact outdoor recreation activities at a six-foot distance. The ordinance also states that businesses will take “reasonable precautions” like marking floors or limiting occupants to ensure both employees and customers adhere to social distancing guidelines.