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Tindall founder joins staff for completion of Spartanburg project

Ross Norton //June 9, 2023//

Tindall founder joins staff for completion of Spartanburg project

Ross Norton //June 9, 2023//

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Tindall Corp. founder William Lowndes III and other senior leaders of the company witnessed the completion of the new Spartanburg County Courthouse in April.

Founder William Lowndes joined a small part of the company's workforce to witness the final phases of the Spartanburg County Courthouse construction. (Photo/Provided)Lowndes’ visit to the construction site holds special significance to the entrepreneur because it is just miles from where Tindall's story began in 1963 when Lowndes purchased Tindall Concrete Pipe, a small manufacturer of precast pipe products in Spartanburg, according to a news release.

What started out as a small operation with less than 10 employees is now a multi-facility construction manufacturer. Under Lowndes’ leadership, Tindall became one of the industry’s leading precast, prestressed concrete companies, according to the news release.

“I never thought that the company would grow to this when I bought that little pipe plant,” Lowndes said at the courthouse site, according to the release.

The completion of the courthouse is a full-circle moment for Lowndes and his family, because it serves as a visual representation of how far Tindall has come since its start 60 years ago.

His contributions to the precast concrete industry, local communities, and the lives of the many employees who have worked for Tindall over the years have set a strong example that today’s Tindall leaders continue to follow,” the company said in the release. His impact shaped the core values of Tindall and drives the team to follow its slogan: Engineered to Serve.

Tindall started in 1932 as a small concrete manufacturing business operating out of a shed in Spartanburg. When Lowndes purchased the company in 1963, it had six employees. Today the company has six precast manufacturing facilities, with one in Spartanburg and others in Virginia, Georgia, Mississippi and Texas. The company’s workforce of more than 1,500 includes more than 30 professional engineers and 75 graduate engineers.

Tindall provides engineering, manufacturing, shipping and installation solutions for precast, prestressed concrete systems and underground utility structures.

Greg Force is the CEO and David Britt is vice president and general manager of the South Carolina division, based in Spartanburg.